Renowned Iranian Writer, Filmmaker Ebrahim Golestan Dies

Ebrahim Golestan, a renowned Iranian writer and filmmaker, has died at his home in Britain at the age of 101.

His daughter Lili, the director of Tehran’s Golestan Gallery, confirmed news of his death this week. On Instagram, she wrote “Father, you have left us. Farewell.”  

Golestan was born in Shiraz and left Iran before the 1979 Revolution. 

His notable films include “The Hills of Marlik,” “Brick and Mirror,” “The Secrets Treasure of Jin Valley,” “Waves, Coral and Rock,” and “From One Drop to the Sea.”

Ebrahim Golestan also produced “The House is Black,” directed by Forough Farrokhzad. 

The Iranian Directors Guild described him as an intellectual who “infused a renewed vitality into Iranian cinema before the new wave.” 

The statement characterizes Golestan as a literary luminary and storyteller with a uniquely captivating manner of expression.

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