Cosby Says He Doesn’t Expect to Testify at Sex Assault Trial

Bill Cosby says he doesn’t expect to testify at his Pennsylvania sexual assault trial.


The comedian spoke to Sirius radio host Michael Smerconish in an interview being broadcast Tuesday.


Smerconish says he agreed to air an uncut, 82-minute conversation between Cosby and his daughters in exchange for the interview.


Cosby says his lawyers won’t let him speak about the criminal case. But he says he has “never, never” lost the support of his wife.


Daughter Ensa Cosby says she believes “racism has played a role” in the accusations against her father.


Bill Cosby replies, “It could be.”


Cosby says his health is generally good, but glaucoma has left him legally blind.


Cosby says he isn’t trying to influence jurors, who will be selected next week for the June 5 trial.

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