Cafe Tacvba Embraces Freedom on Album Without Record Label

Cafe Tacvba is embracing its newfound independence with the release of its first album without a label in its nearly three-decade career.


The Mexican rock band has always been committed to its creative freedom, jumping from folk to techno to ska, sometimes all in one song. “Jei Beibi,” out Friday, goes even further: It mixes genres that go from bolero to pop and experimental music to Beatles-inspired beats.


“Now we have even more freedom because we don’t have a label telling us what to do,” guitarist Joselo Rangel said in an interview with The Associated Press this week.


“We’re very proud and happy with this album,” added keyboardist Emmanuel del Real. “This spirit of doing the album on our own has directly influenced on the creative process.”


Cafe Tacvba has played some tracks from its new album — its first in five years — at recent shows. But the quartet will officially present their latest work Saturday at a concert for about 2,000 fans in Mexico City.


Like its past albums, “Jei Beibi” was produced by Oscar-winning composer Gustavo Santaolalla.


“But in this case, he’s THE producer in capital letters,” Rangel said. “He’s the one who weighs in and decides our creative proposals. We trust his vision because he knows our capabilities, our potential and our career. He’s a friend, sometimes a mentor, even a paternal figure in our career.”


Cafe Tacvba will kick off its “Niu Gueis Tour” across some 20 U.S. cities in September. The band says it hopes to provide some hope to those who fear U.S. President Donald Trump’s intensified immigration enforcement, which includes executive orders for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.


“[Trump] is one of those things that can go wrong and end up being even worse,” bassist Quique Rangel said.


“It’s sad that Mexicans and Latinos living in the U.S. have to live under fear,” Rangel added. “We will keep going to the U.S. and playing there to diminish that fear. Things as serious as this often end up collapsing under their own weight.”

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